Terms & Conditions

  1. If you are a seller and listing an item for sale on our website and/or Instagram platform (“IG”), you hereby represent and warrant that:
    1. all items submitted for sale on our website/IG are original products from the brand stated and are 100% authentic.
    2. all pictures of items submitted for listing on our website/IG are owned by the seller. We will not be responsible for any copyright or trademark infringement in relation to items listed for sale on our website/IG and reserve all rights to pursue private proceedings against the seller should any such infringement be determined.
    3. All item descriptions provided by the seller are accurate and correct, and do not contain any information, mark or symbol that is: (i) misleading or untruthful; (ii) offensive, defamatory or blasphemous; and/or (ii) calculated to promote a social media page, website or platform apart from the First Luxury’s.
  2. Except for the continual right to remove any comments on the item listing which it deems inappropriate without giving prior notice or providing reasons, the obligation of the First Luxury to the seller ends as soon as the item is listed for sale on our website/IG pursuant to the information provided by the seller.
  3. We will not: (i) promote or encourage for sale any item listed for sale on our website/IG; (ii) provide additional or further information on any item listed on our website/IG, even if so requested by potential buyers or as website/IG comments; (iii) amend or edit any information contained in the listing which was provided by the seller, except for inadvertent errors attributable to the First Luxury; and/or (iv) refund listing fees for unsold items listed on our website/IG.
  4. The seller is solely responsible for all aspects of item transaction as soon as the item is listed on our website/IG. We will not be responsible for any disagreements, disputes, breaches or lapses arising from a transacted listing between a buyer and a seller.
  5. A seller of an unsold item on our website/IG who wishes to relist the item, and/or a seller who wishes to amend or edit any information on the listing, including asking price, must submit a fresh application for listing together with the payment of the applicable re-listing fee.
  6. If any seller is deemed by us to be in breach of any of the above terms and/or conditions, we may remove the listing immediately without prior notice to the seller and without refunding any listing fees which have been paid to us.
  7. We may refuse and/or reject: (i) any request or application for an item listing on our website/IG, including applications to amend any information on a previous listing for an unsold item; and/or (ii) any information provided by the seller in relation to the item for listing on our website/IG, including photographs, descriptions and other details in relation to the item, at our sole discretion without providing reasons for such refusal or rejection. Any fees which have been paid to us will be refunded to the seller, less administrative fees and third party transactional fees (e.g. Paypal fees, foreign bank transfer charges).
  8. Customers should satisfy themselves as to the authencity and condition of the items listed on our website/IG as well as the reliability of the seller before making a purchase. We shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses, fees and/or liability that may be incurred or suffered by any customer in relation to or in connection with any sale and purchase transaction in respect of items listed for sale on our website/IG.