Our Story

The best stories are usually born from a great idea. It all started back in 2014 with entrepreneur and Founder Susan Yin, a love for luxury handbags and the vision to pioneer into the world of luxury consignment.

From humble beginnings to having a retail boutique in the heart of Orchard Road with an ever-expanding curation of desirable products, First Luxury’s journey has continuously flourished over the years. The business has transformed into a dynamic, global movement that not only champions quality and craftsmanship, but also a tight-knit community.

At First Luxury, we serve as the gateway to the insider’s world of grandeur – offering a one of a kind platform for buying and selling that is unlike any other. The process of taking a rare, exotic or vintage piece and giving it a renewed life creates a cycle built on preserving style moments. We eschew fashion trends and invest only in standout products from throughout time, empowering us to retain the history and legacy of iconic fashion for all.


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